For beginners and experienced bowlers alike:

• Be prompt, polite, respectful of seniority and ability.

• Casual attire is fine but no excuse to be unkempt or scruffy.

• Bowls should not be dropped on the green.

• At the delivery end of the rink all bowlers should stand at least 1 metre behind the mat when they are not bowling.

• After delivering a bowl a player should retire behind the mat or advance to the head. Do not take up a position in between.

• When walking up and down the rink, players should avoid straying on to neighbouring rinks or otherwise distracting play on them.

• At the head most bowlers should stand at least 1 metre behind the level of the jack. Do not wander around or move about in the head when a bowler is about to deliver a bowl.

• At the end of each end, once the number of shots has been determined, share the task of collecting the woods. Use the pushers provided.

• Do not stand on the rink edges, as this causes unnecessary damage.

• Do not smoke on the green. All litter should be placed in the bins provided.

• Bowling is a friendly game, and all players should show courtesy and good sportsmanship. Be graceful losers or modest winners.

• All bowlers should know the rules as laid down by the World Bowls Board.

• The scorecard is now the responsibility of the Skip on each rink.

• Avoid using mobile phones on the Green.